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Nodules / Nodule Wall

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Average Rating: 4.6667
Average Depth: 75 ft.
Max Depth: 200 ft.

    The Bahamas lie along the edge of the continental shelf and are well-known for spectacular wall dives. Generally these dives are all over 100 feet, but at the Nodules, divers can reach the wall at 75 feet. The flat surface can be explored at about 65 feet. Spur and groove corals and tube sponges lead the diver to the sheer drop of the Wall. The current and depth make this an advanced drift dive.

    Visibility is incredible thanks to the sweeping current. It's not uncommon for divers to stare more than 200 feet into the brilliant turquoise and deep blue waters of the abyss. This dive will take your breath away. Divers will see large grouper and jack and may even encounter a marlin or blacktip shark. Nodules is a dive that you won�t soon forget!

    Waypoint: NODUL Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 25.4991666666667 -79.2855333333333

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