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Victory Reef

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Average Rating: 5
Average Depth: 40 ft.
Max Depth: 85 ft.

    Victory Reef is a five-mile stretch of reef line off of North and South Cat Cay. Within the reef system are several fantastic divespots. Many divers consider the Victories to be one of the best dives in all the Caribbean. The reef runs along the edge of the Gulf stream which means divers can expect to see a variety of deep water marine life such as turtles, rays, sharks and tuna. On the reef you will see tangs, parrot fish, angelfish and spade fish.

    When the clear waters of the Gulf stream current are sweeping through the visibility underwater can be over 100 feet. When the current is ripping it's best to do a drift dive. Divers can explore the reef line as it sloped from 30 feet down to 80 feet. Along the way there are cliffs, swim-throughs and caves. Well-formed hard corals and thick sponge communities grow here. When the current is slack divers can see juvenile fish as well as the large pelagics. Special spots along the reef are Rainbow Valley, Cathedral, and the Sponge Gardens. Tuna Alley is very close by.

    There are three mooring spots on the Victories.

    North Victory Reef N 25 29.128W 079 16.419
    Middle Victory Reef N 25 28.909 W 079 16.220
    South Victory Reef N 25 28.883 W 079 16.204

    Waypoint: VCTORY Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 25.4818166666667 -79.2703333333333

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