CocoCay Dive Spots

  • Airplane Wreck #1

    Airplane Wreck #1

    10 - 15 ft.

    This "wreck" of a small plane in the shallow waters off CocoCay is now a fish haven and popular snorkel spot.

  • Airplane Wreck #2

    Airplane Wreck #2

    10 - 15 ft.

    The wreckage of this airplane lies in 10-15 feet of crystal blue water. The "wreck" was placed in its current location to create an artificial reef.

  • Lifeguard Stand

    Lifeguard Stand

    10 - 15 ft.

    The lifeguard stands located in the water about 100 yards offshore, along the reef edge, providing for a safe haven for the local fish population.

  • Queen Anne's Revenge (Replica)

    Queen Anne's Revenge (Replica)

    10 - 15 ft.

    Just a short swim off the beach is what is billed as a sunken shipwrecked replica of Queen Anne's Revenge � Blackbeard's flagship that sunk off North Carolina in 1718.

  • Queen Anne's Revenge (Replica) - Bow

    Queen Anne's Revenge (Replica) - Bow

    10 - 15 ft.

    Half-buried in the white sand, the bow of the Queen Anne's Revenge lies only a short swim away from the rest of the site.

  • Reef Balls - Site 1

    Reef Balls - Site 1

    10 - 15 ft.

    Royal Caribbean has deployed several Reef Balls to encourage new reef development and to provide a haven for marine life.