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Begg Rock

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Average Rating: 0
Average Depth: 80 ft.
Max Depth: 130 ft.

    Begg Rock is located about six miles northwest of San Nicholas Island. This area contains many reefs and pinnacles ranging in depth from 60 to 130 feet. Begg Rock generally gets draws on a few divers in the winter as wind and swells make the dive less than enjoyable. The two inner walls that connect at a right angle about 80 feet down provide shelter in the summer months, creating a calmer and clear dive. Pulmose anemones, giant scallops, sponges, sea stars, cowries, sculpin and octopus are commonly seen at this location as well as a variety of rockfish.

    Waypoint: BEGROK Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 33.3653333333333 -119.698333333333

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