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Bird Rock

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Average Depth: 60 ft.
Max Depth: 120 ft.

    Bird Rock is on the front side of Santa Catalina Island and marks the northeast entrance to Isthmus Harbor. This rock and the reef system that has evolved in the area run southeast to northwest for about a quarter mile. The depth range on this site is 20 to 120 feet making it easily accessible to divers. Baitfish which generally inhabit the shallow portions of the reef make for interesting sights for snorkelers. This kelp dive is home to gorgonians, large calico bass, and large lobsters. There are many opportunities for photography at this location, especially with the curious garibaldi that are often seen approaching divers.

    Waypoint: BRDROK Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 33.4511666666666 -118.486166666667

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