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Cathedral Cove

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.3333
Average Depth: 30 ft.
Max Depth: 50 ft.

    On the front side of East Anacapa lies Cathedral Cove. This is a great dive for those new to the Southern California diving scene. Here, conditions are mild and there is great sightseeing. The large rocks near the entrance are home to Garibaldi, surfperch, sheephead, senoritas, and opaleye throng. Sea lions and harbor seals can also be seen on the rocky beaches near by. Due to the Cove�s location within the Reserve area, a �no- take� policy is in effect. The reserve itself often has red abalone and lobsters as well as calico bass. This is a great dive for snorkeling as well since there is good clarity and little boat traffic.

    Waypoint: CATHRL Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 34.0155 -119.370166666667

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