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Coral Street Beach

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 3
Average Depth: 25 ft.
Max Depth: 40 ft.

    Coral Street Beach is an excellent place for novice divers. Entrance to the cove is through a wide channel where the bottom quickly drops to 20 feet. The sandy bottom is littered with old abalone shells. The bottom of the cove consists of miniature pinnacles and ridges that rise to within 15? of the surface. The clear water in this area allows light to penetrate to the bottom, unveiling a wide variety of shells and sponges. On the bottom, divers can find many types of invertebrates along with harbor seals and halibut. This site is a real treat for underwater photographers and pleasure divers alike.

    Waypoint: CSBCH Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 36.63547 -121.927295

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