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Cortez Bank

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 3.75
Average Depth: 100 ft.
Max Depth: 130 ft.

    About 100 miles south of Ventura lies the Cortez Bank. Although some areas are too deep for safe diving, there is an area approximately 10 square miles that ranges in depth from 80 to 130 feet. The wreck of Jalisco can be seen in this area. Although it is possible to explore, the strong currents that run through the wreck area make penetration unsafe. Baitfish and game fish are drawn to the area. In warmer waters, tuna, marlin, yellowtail, dorado, and sharks are commonly seen. Sheepshead and calico bass are generally found in the shallower portions of this dive. This dive is intended for advanced divers only. It is filled with life and is quite a site to see.

    Waypoint: CORTEZ Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 32.4443333333333 -119.110833333333

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