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Eric's Pinnacle

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 3.3333
Average Depth: 55 ft.
Max Depth: 65 ft.

    Eric�s Pinnacle is located one mile offshore off the city of Pacific Grove in 50 to 65 feet of water. This boat dive can be found on the outer edge of the kelp bed at Otter Cove. Often, a patch of kelp is all that marks this area, and sometimes even this small amount of kelp is missing. Although it is difficult to find, once underwater Eric�s Pinnacle appears to look like a castle with crevices and undercuts that provide passageways for exploration. This site is filled with invertebrates. Corynactis anemones, sponges and red Telia anemones cover the visible surfaces create a beautiful mix of colors. Large boulders at the base of the pinnacle house metriduim anemones which produce impressive photographs. At Eric�s Pinnacle lingcods, bat rays, and torpedo rays often travel along the bottom. Sea otters, hermit crabs, dock shrimp, cucumbers, rockfish, and a resident wolf eel can be found by the explorative diver. This is a great dive for seeing a true pinnacle and experiencing the beauty this site has to offer.

    Waypoint: ERCPIN Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 36.6340666666667 -121.91835

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