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Farnsworth Bank

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.5
Average Depth: 90 ft.
Max Depth: 130 ft.

    Farnsworth Bank is located on the back side of Santa Catalina Island about five miles south of Catalina Head. This dive is one of the most amazing and popular dives in Southern California. The large seamount and numerous pinnacles provide many interesting aspects for divers. On a calm summer day, the water is clear in Farnsworth Bank and generally warm, making for a comfortable dive. At this site divers will find that it gets very deep very fast. For this reason, it is important to be experienced in dealing with buoyancy control and navigation. Scallops, sea stars, nudibranchs, anemones, and hydrocoral are all common to this site, making for great photographic opportunities.

    Within Farnsworth bank is the Farnsworth Ecological Reserve. This area helps to ensure the protection of the California hydrocoral, a federally protected species. The entire reserve is a no-take zone. For many divers, this reserve may be of interest as it is one of the last places where white abalone can be found. Barracudas, yellowtail, white sea bass, sheephead, blacksmiths, calico bass, electric rays and blue sharks are also commonly seen at this location.

    Waypoint: FRNWOR Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 33.3391666666667 -118.5175

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