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Isthmus Reef

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4
Average Depth: 60 ft.
Max Depth: 100 ft.

    Isthmus Reef is located on the front side of Santa Catalina Island in the Isthmus Harbor. This reef is about a quarter mile long, positioned in the southeast to northwest direction. At low tide, portion of the reef are merely a few feet below surface. Visibility is good at this site making this area a great place for snorkeling as well. This dive should be done early in the day however, because as the afternoon sets in, the current has a tendency to grow strong. There is a 30 to 40 foot wall located on the southwest facing side which is often home to large numbers of lobsters as well as moray eels. Octopuses are often seen at this site as well. A whole days worth of diving can be done at this site without the diver ever becoming tired of seeing the same sights.

    Waypoint: ISTHMS Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 33.452 -117.633333333333

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