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Johnson's Lee

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.5
Average Depth: 60 ft.
Max Depth: 80 ft.

    Johnson�s Lee is often visited by divers who had intentions of reaching San Miguel. Johnson�s Lee is located on the back side of Santa Rosa and has a depth range of 30 to 80 feet. Although this is not the site to visit if one is looking for a particularly beautiful dive, it is an interesting place to visit and explore. White sea bass feed and spawn here and are a great site to see while snorkeling in the area. Baitfish draw yellowtail, mackerel, and barracudas to Johnson�s Lee. Sea lions, squid, halibut, calico bass and harbor seals are often seen here as well. Red abalones are occasionally seen at this location.

    Waypoint: JHNSON Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 33.9218333333333 -120.111833333333

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