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Lover's Point

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.25
Average Depth: 30 ft.
Max Depth: 50 ft.

    This beach dive is located at the intersection of Oceanview Boulevard and 17th street in Pacific Grove. Because of the amount of kelp that is in the area, it is often difficult for divers to swim out to Lover�s Point. Once at the location and about 40 feet down, divers will find granite boulders and coral reefs along with sandy patches. Sand dollars can often be found along the sandy patches. Further out are the better diving locations for this site. Close in, the rocks are covered with red algae and invertebrates are not often seen. This spot is often used for night diving.
    Because of the large amounts of tourism in the area, the city of Pacific Grove has constructed some regulations about when diving may occur. This information can be acquired from the local dive shop.
    Bat rays, torpedo rays, rockfish, harbor seals, and invertebrates make this site alive and exciting. Monkeyface eels are also at this site and some skilled divers have been able to coerce these shy animals to eat out of their hands. This is a great location for underwater photography.

    Waypoint: LVRSPT Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 36.6297833333333 -121.91035

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