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Otter Cove

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 5
Average Depth: 35 ft.
Max Depth: 55 ft.

    Located a few block north of Lovers Cove, Otter Cover is often referred to as �stinky beach� because of the large piles of decaying kelp pushed ashore by storms. About 150 yards off shore, the bottom drops to 50 feet. In this area divers will encounter large rocky pinnacles protruding form the bottom covered in dense patches of strawberry anemones, decorator crabs, cup corals, sea stars, and large tealia anemones. Beautiful mollusks, a treat to photographers, can be found nestled in the beds of anemones.

    Waypoint: OTTCV Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 36.6259633333333 -121.915851666667

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