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S-37 Submarine Wreck

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4
Average Depth: 25 ft.
Max Depth: 30 ft.

    The S-37 Submarine was built in 1918 in San Francisco. Although she did some work as a patrol in World War II, this submarine was particularly slow and several problems began to arise as she aged. An oil leak, worn parts, and mechanical as well as electrical failures were among the problems she encountered. She continued to work until a fire resulting from electrical failures ended her career. In 1945 after being stripped and prepared to be a target for aerial bombing, the S-37�s tow broke and she sank. Today, she rests in twenty to thirty feet of water off Imperial Beach.

    Visibility at this site is generally poor. Although at one point the details of the submarine were easily made out, today mussels cover the wreck, leaving little of the original marking exposed. This is a dangerous wreck to dive in spite of the shallow depth. The submarine itself is not that large and the area through which penetration can occur is quite tight. The hull is filled with silt which decreases visibility for even the most careful diver. For a diver who likes a thrill, this is a great dive. The silty waters and the lack of light cause the lobster and rockfish to be startled and crash in to the diver. This dive is dangerous but can provide excitement to an experienced diver.

    Waypoint: S37SUB Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 32.6123333333333 -117.1373

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