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Three Fingers Reef

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.5
Average Depth: 65 ft.
Max Depth: 100 ft.

    This reef draws its name from a rough spread of three large rock wedges extending into the sea. The reef covers the area of approximately three football fields and is the leading edge of an underwater area known as the Ancient Sea Cliff. Much like the Sea Cliff, the ocean side of this reef drops off steeply. The top of the reef lies about 45� beneath the surface but most of the diving is in the 60� to 70� range. Visibility in the area is excellent except for during spring and summer plankton booms.
    The leading edge of the reef is a fascinating place for divers to visit. Fish swim about and fight for the best position to catch bits of food brought in by the current. Larger predators hang nearby waiting for their chance at a meal. The rocks of the reef are also abundant with marine life that capitalizes on food brought to them in the currents. Divers can fiend a variety of rockfish, guitarfish, black perch, opaleye, calico and white sea bass, and many other types of fish. Lobster hunters can find a fair amount of bugs though many are just a little too small.

    Waypoint: TFNGR Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 32.7094 -117.277216666667

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