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Tower Reef/Coaster Reef

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4
Average Depth: 55 ft.
Max Depth: 60 ft.

    Tower Reef or Coaster Reef lies off of Mission Beach within Wreck Alley. Small lobsters are a particularly common sight at this location because of the piles of rock slabs that lie between portions of the reef. The cracks and crevices created by these piles provide protection to the lobsters in the area. Within the kelp, calico bass and barred sand bass along with sheephead, whitefish, se´┐Żoritas, and blacksmith can be found. This area is mostly silt and therefore does not allow for much growth on the rocks. This means that although some of the pelagic life is interesting, the area is not particularly exciting for photography. This is a great dive to do after some of the deeper, more intensive dives in wreck alley. The depth range in this location is between 52 and 60 feet.

    Waypoint: TWRREF Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 32.7695666666667 -117.269

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