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Train Wheels

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Average Depth: 100 ft.
Max Depth: 100 ft.

    �The crack�, a 100 foot deep cavern in the Sea Cliffs area, contains a hidden adventure for divers. On the bottom of the cavern lays two full size railroad train wheels that are connected by an axle. No one knows for certain just how the train wheels came to reside inside this cavern, adding to the intrigue of the dive. The entrance to the cavern sits a 65� with a hole just large enough for divers to enter single file. The cavern widens as you go deeper, much like a giant triangle sitting upright on the bottom. Outside of the cavern, divers can explore beautiful cliff faces that rise from the bottom, 100 feet beneath the surface.

    Waypoint: TRNWLS Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 32.6520333333333 -117.26245

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