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Yankee Point

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.5
Average Depth: 80 ft.
Max Depth: 100 ft.

    Yankee Point is the official dividing line between the shores of Northern and Southern California. On the north side of Yankee Point, Abalone can not be taken by tanks. However, on the south side, removal is allowed. At the current time, the population of Abalone is declining and there is a moratorium for removal of the organism from any part of the area. This boat dive contains a seamount with canyons. The surfaces of the rocks are covered in invertebrates which bring bright colors to the area. Cobalt sponges, coralline algae, and pink and orange strawberry anemones inhabit most of the surface. Blue rockfish, myriad rockfish, blunted nose sculpins, cabezon, and lingcod are also common sights at this location.
    Currents and depth at this location could present hazards to divers. It is important to pay close attention to the time you are under water as well as the depth. Portions of this dive exceed 100-feet in depth. This dive is full of life and color and makes a great trip for the experienced diver.

    Waypoint: YNKEPT Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 36.4879333333333 -121.956216666667

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