Boca Raton Dive Spots

  • Ancient Mariner

    Ancient Mariner

    45 - 70 ft.

    A Coast Guard cutter from the 1930s that was once a floating restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale no lies on the bottom in 70 feet of water. This is a great wreck that is easy to explore and has abundant sea life.

  • Berry Patch

    Berry Patch

    55 - 71 ft.

    The Berry Patch was sunk in 1987 to form an artificial reef. The 65-foot steel tug lies near other wrecks and is frequented by a variety of marine life.

  • Boca Artificial Reef Ledge

    Boca Artificial Reef Ledge

    55 - 70 ft.

    This natural reef ledge lies less than a mile offshore of the Boca Raton Inlet. Marine life is abundant on the natural ledge and on the artificial reef that has formed on concrete structures placed near the ledge.

  • Budweiser Bar

    Budweiser Bar

    80 - 95 ft.

    This 167 foot long coastal freighter was built in 1965 and was used to transport dry goods to the Bahamas and Haiti. She was sunk in 1987 in 95 feet of water.

  • Captain Tony / M/V Becks

    Captain Tony / M/V Becks

    80 - 85 ft.

    The Captain Tony, 167-foot long Dutch freighter originally named the M/V Becks, was scuttled on October 22, 1996 in 85 fsw of water off the coast of Palm Beach / Boca Raton.

  • Jap Rock

    Jap Rock

    5 - 15 ft.

    Offshore of the north end of Boca Raton public beach is a nice grouping of rocks that are home to numerous colorful tropical fish.

  • Labonte Reef

    Labonte Reef

    35 - 45 ft.

    Labonte Reef is a great beginner's reef with a depth range of 35 to 45 feet at the sandy bottom.

  • Noula Express

    Noula Express

    55 - 80 ft.

    The Noula Express was the first joint project between the Broward and Palm Beach County Artificial Reef Programs and lies on the county line. The Noula Express wreckage lies among white sand and a small patch reef system and supports a rich fish communit

  • Opal Towers

    Opal Towers

    30 - 42 ft.

    Opal Towers is a nice stretch of reef that has good visibility, abundant marine life, and is a great place for a night dive or drift dive.

  • San Remo

    San Remo

    45 - 65 ft.

    This site ranges in depth from 45 to 65 feet and has several caves and overhangs. Fish and invertebrates make this a great spot for night diving and drift diving.

  • Sea Emperor

    Sea Emperor

    45 - 70 ft.

    An artificial reef has developed on the wreckage of this 171-foot barge and the assorted concrete pipes and pilings surrounding it. The sea life here is rich and diverse and the wreck is easy to esplore.

  • Shark Ledge

    Shark Ledge

    50 - 65 ft.

    This ledge is five nautical miles North of the Boca Raton Inlet. The spot has become popular because it is frequented by reef sharks.

  • United Caribbean

    United Caribbean

    45 - 73 ft.

    Once used to smuggle immigrants from China, then left to rust in the Miami River, the United Caribbean was sunk to create an artificial reef. She lies near the Noula Express and Sea Emperor, to the south of the Boca Raton Inlet.