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Berry Patch

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.3333
Average Depth: 55 ft.
Max Depth: 71 ft.

    The Berry Patch, a 65-foot steel tug that was sunk in 1987, was once known as the A.L. Spenser. The ship lies between the Hillsboro Inlet and the Pompano Pier about a mile offshore. It is about 150 feet south of the Ancient Mariner, another artificial reef. The Berry Patch lies in 71 feet of water.

    Due to natural wear and tear and the intense pressure put on the structure by Hurricane Andrew, the superstructure of this ship has mostly collapsed and resettled over the years.
    One hundred-ten feet southwest of the ship lies a house boat named Chuck-A-Luck which is now also merely remains of its former self. This site attracts small tropical fish, amberjack, chub, garden eels, and mackerel.

    Waypoint: BERRYP Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 26.30195 -80.0624166666667

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