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Boca Artificial Reef Ledge

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.2857
Average Depth: 55 ft.
Max Depth: 70 ft.

    Although currents can be strong and dangerous, this is a great divespot filled beautiful sea life. The natural rock ledge is covered in soft coral, sponges and algae. The ledge is between 10 and 15 feet high and extends for over 1000 feet North to South.

    Located 75 feet due east of the ledge is an artificial reef composed of six-foot high piles of about 20 concrete erojacks. A few erojacks were tossed into a sand hole by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. To avoid straying too far from the site while swimming over to see the erojacks, look for a sandy notch on the east side to serve as a guide to and from the reef. ledge.

    Commonly seen on this dive are angelfish, Bermuda chub, barracuda as well as some lobsters. Sea life is abundant on both the ledge and in the artificial reef.

    Waypoint: BOCARL Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 26.328 -80.0598166666666

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