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Captain Tony / M/V Becks

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.5
Average Depth: 80 ft.
Max Depth: 85 ft.

    The Captain Tony, 167-foot long Dutch freighter originally named the M/V Becks, was scuttled on October 22, 1996 in 85 fsw of water off the coast of Palm Beach / Boca Raton. The Captain Tony, so named in memory of Captain Tony Townsend, a local dive charter captain, rests upright and in great condition with her bow pointing to the South.

    Nearby is the Budwesier Bar wreck, which is "connected" to the Captain Tony by the artificial reef rubble trail. Whent he visibility is good and there is no current, it is possible to make the 10 minute swim to between these two ships. Leave the Captain Tony from the bow on the port side (southeast corner) and follow the rock piles to the South while favoring a slightly eastward course to deeper water. Be careful with your bottom time and navigation. This is an advanced dive.

    Waypoint: CPTONY Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 26.4811666666667 -80.0391666666667

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