Destin Dive Spots

  • Destin Bridge Rubble

    Destin Bridge Rubble

    60 - 70 ft.

    The Destin Bay Bridge was sunk in the mid-1970s about one and one-half miles southeast of East Pass in depths ranging from 60-70 feet. Because the rubble has been underwater for so long, it has developed into a large fish haven.

  • Miss Louise

    Miss Louise

    55 - 60 ft.

    The Miss Louise is a 95-foot tugboat that was sunk in 1997 as part of the Artificial Reef Program. She lies sin 55-60 feet of water with a 15-foot profile.

  • Mohawk Chief / Sand Dollar Artificial Reef

    Mohawk Chief / Sand Dollar Artificial Reef

    100 - 124 ft.

    Okaloosa County and the cities of Destin and Valparaiso teamed up to create the Artificial Reef Complex. At the center is the tugboat, Mohawk Chief.

  • The Tanks

    The Tanks

    65 - 70 ft.

    As part of the county's Artificial Reef Program, fourteen intact United States Armored M-60 tanks were placed underwater in December 1994.

  • Thomas Hayward (Liberty Ship)

    Thomas Hayward (Liberty Ship)

    80 - 90 ft.

    The wreck of the Thomas Hayward now rests in 90 feet of water rising 25 feet off the bottom. This site has become one of the most popular wreck dives in the Destin area.