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Cheeca Rocks

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.2857
Average Depth: 10 ft.
Max Depth: 15 ft.

    Located three miles south-southwest of Windley Key and one mile directly off upper Matecumbe, Cheeca Rocks are a great site for those divers hoping to capture incredible pictures. The site has many soft corals and a large collection of brain corals. Mushroom and star corals also cover a large portion of this area.

    This is a good dive for beginning divers who are looking for a beautiful site. Surrounding the area are sandy patches where conch and turtles can be spotted. Many are interested in the parrotfish, queen triggers, and angelfish that can be seen on a regular basis as well as the spotted rays and schools of tarpon and snook that occasionally swim by. Divers looking for a thrill can occasionally come close to a nurse shark at this site.

    Cheeca Rocks is designated a (small) Sanctuary Preservation Area (SPA). The SPA is .05 square nautical miles and is the only protection area for inshore patch reefs.

    The Cheeca Rocks are heavily used and make a poor location for doing research. It is also common to find snorkelers at this site. This is a great dive to do with the family if you want something everyone can be comfortable with and enjoy.

    Waypoint: CHEECA Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 24.9040833333333 -80.61475

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