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Davis Ledge

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Average Rating: 4.1429
Average Depth: 20 ft.
Max Depth: 55 ft.

    If you are looking for schools of fish, Davis Ledge is the place to dive. This reef, located 3 miles east-southeast of Hen and Chickens, Tower attracts large schools of tiny fish reaching numbers in to the thousands. These fish move in unison and are a sight to see.

    Davis Reef lies within a Sanctuary Preservation Area (SPA). The SPA is about .2 square nautical miles, roughly seven kilometers southeast of Plantation Key and is marked off by yellow buoys. The SPA area is a rectangle and is currently being used for the preservation of the deepwater corals which can be found throughout Davis Reef.

    This area is a low-relief transitional reef. It is heavily used by divers and fisherman alike. On a typical dive in Davis Ledge, one would spot several lobsters and eels as well as parrotfish and angelfish. If you are looking for the excitement of coming face to face with a nurse shark, Davis Ledge is a site that almost guarantees this occurrence. An interest sight at Davis Ledge is the Buddha statue which can be approached. Many divers rub Buddha's belly in search of good luck or fertility while others simply observe the beauty of the area and the giant turtle which can often be seen near the ledge.

    The ledge makes a great spot for night diving due to its easy to follow path. It is often possible to see green moray eels out in the open while exploring this region. This area is where many divers complete their scuba certification dives. It is easy to navigate and perfect for a beginning diver or a relaxed shallow dive.

    Waypoint: DAVISL Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 24.922 -80.5061

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