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Average Rating: 4.1667
Average Depth: 15 ft.
Max Depth: 18 ft.

    Located in Upper Matecumbe key in 18 feet of water, The Herrera is named after a Merchant who became stranded in the Florida Keys in 1733. While attempting to bring silver pesos from Havana along with 21 other ships, Herrera was hit by a hurricane and pushed on to the upper keys. Captain Torres who was in command of the armada had sensed this storm and directed the ships to change course but in vain. The entire fleet was forced on to the Florida Keys on July 15, 1733. Herrera was originally stranded on the inshore portion of Hawk Channel.

    Today, all that remains of this ship is a ballast pile that lies on a grassy seabed. It is in 18 feet of water and near Snake Greek Bridge. The site has acquired the nickname, "Figurine Wreck" for the countless relics that have been removed thus far. Among the findings are cannon balls, pottery shards, clay bowls, animal hides, and many small clay animals. If these figurines are of interest to a diver, focusing on the northeast area of the ballast pile is advisable. Although this spot is well known for these figurines and hundreds have been removed, they can still be found with a little patience. If one successfully removes a figurine, it is important to note that they must quickly be preserved or they will crumble.

    Waypoint: HERRER Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 24.9054833333333 -80.5922

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