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Little Conch Reef

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 3.4
Average Depth: 15 ft.
Max Depth: 30 ft.

    Located six miles east of Windley Key, Little Conch Reef spreads a half mile across a flat sand bed inside the inner reef. This site is just south of Conch Reef and is a great place for shallower diving. Average depth of the area ranges from 15 to 30 feet. The ledges are located 100 yards west and the Infante, the site of a sunken Spanish Galleon, lies just 75 yards southwest of Little Conch Reef. Common to this area are nurse sharks and moray eels as well as barrel coral and small amounts of elkhorn coral. The Reef also contains tube sponges and seafan colonies. Little Conch Reef attracts minimal commercial diving but generally draws large amounts of lobster harvesting throughout the season.

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    Degrees 24.9425 -80.4738333333333

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