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San Jose

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Average Rating: 3
Average Depth: 30 ft.
Max Depth: 35 ft.

    In 35 feet of water just off Islamorada, about 1 mile east of Little Conch Reef, the San Jose is a Galleon-class Spanish ship from the Silver Plate Fleet of 1733. This 40 cannon ship was attempting to bring treasure from Spain to the New World when it, along with 21 galleons were hit by a hurricane and forced on to the reefs. Originally, the ships left behind large amounts of treasure which have since been claimed by Spanish explorers as well as American treasure hunters. Divers can still find coins, pottery, and other artifacts at this site. These remaining marks of the original cargo are most easily spotted following heavy storms. In 1973, $30,000 worth of gold and silver was discovered in a newly discovered section of the wreck.

    Divers are encouraged to bring a rigid board to use as a fan on the bottom. This is the easiest way to expose the buried coins. The remains of the actual ship are mostly piles of ballast stone and timber. The ribs and keel of the boat are still exposed. This area is a hotspot for underwater photography. The area around the wreck contains a beautiful array of
    sponges, coral, and seafans.

    Waypoint: SNJOSE Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 24.9490333333333 -80.4887166666666

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