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Tres Puentes

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 5
Average Depth: 15 ft.
Max Depth: 20 ft.

    Tres Puentes went down as part of the 1733 Spanish Galleon wrecks. A hurricane forced Tres Puentes along with 21 other ships on to the Florida Keys. Prior to the storm, the captain of the fleet had directed the ships to change course but to no avail. These ships were all forced off course on July 15, 1733.

    Today, Tres Puentes lies between Snake Creek and Whale Harbor. This ship is known for its production of silver. In the 1950s, most of the silver on the galleon was found. This is a good site if one is in pursuit of relics. For the highest probability of finding what is left to discover, the diver should stick to the ocean side of the ballast pile.

    Waypoint: TRSPUE Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 24.89345 -80.5834166666667

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