Key West Dive Spots

  • Alexander's Wreck

    Alexander's Wreck

    25 - 40 ft.

    The wreck known as "Alexander's Wreck" -- originally the US Navy destroyer escort "USS Amesbury" -- was reefed in 1927 as an artificial reef.

  • All Alone

    All Alone

    80 - 90 ft.

    In 90 feet of water on the Ten-Fathom Ledge lies All-Alone, the hull of a 75-foot tugboat.

  • Aquanaut


    70 - 75 ft.

    Aquanaut is a 55-foot wooden tug in 75 feet of water about 1/2 mile south of the Western Sambo Reef.

  • Cayman Salvager

    Cayman Salvager

    80 - 90 ft.

    This 187-foot steel-hulled buoy tender was built in 1937, sank in the Key West Navy Harbor in the mid 70s, was raised, then sank again -- this time on purpose -- as an artificial reef.

  • Eastern Dry Rocks

    Eastern Dry Rocks

    15 - 35 ft.

    On the Southwestern end of the Eastern Dry Rocks lays an old galleon. Large corals and lobsters are commonly seen in this area.

  • Joe's Tug

    Joe's Tug

    45 - 65 ft.

    This tugboat, which sank under mysterious circumstances, sits upright in just 65 feet of water and brings you close to Jewfish, spotted morays, barracuda, and horse eye jacks.

  • Marquesas Reef Line

    Marquesas Reef Line

    40 - 70 ft.

    Six miles south of the Marquesas Keys in a continuation of the Atlantic reef line which runs east to west called the Marquesas Reef Line. This line contains caves in depths of 30 to 70 feet.

  • Nine Foot Stake

    Nine Foot Stake

    15 - 30 ft.

    Marked by a nine-foot piling, this site is a nice shallow-water reef averaging 15 to 30 feet.

  • Rock Key

    Rock Key

    15 - 35 ft.

    This site is home to some spectacular crevices and coral, making it a great location for skorkeling and diving alike.

  • Sand Key

    Sand Key

    35 - 75 ft.

    Sand Key is well known as a first-class site for snorkeling, and also has great diving on the ocean side. This site is marked by a 110-foot light tower.

  • Smith Shoal

    Smith Shoal

    20 - 40 ft.

    Smith Shoal, 12 miles northwest of Key West, is marked by a 47-foot tower and has depths ranging from 20 to 40 feet.

  • Ten-Fathom Bar

    Ten-Fathom Bar

    25 - 130 ft.

    This is one of the few mini-wall dives in Florida. The wall begins at 25 feet and drops quickly down to 130 feet. Spectacular!

  • Ten-Fathom Ledge

    Ten-Fathom Ledge

    40 - 50 ft.

    Ten-Fathom Ledge is a series of coral ledges with several coral caves. Grouper and lobster, as well as eagle rays and sharks, are a common sight at this location.

  • The Sambo Reefs

    The Sambo Reefs

    25 - 40 ft.

    The Sambos are a collection of reefs divided into Eastern, Middle, and Western by white sands. Good diving is found all along the reef line.

  • Toppino's Reef (#1 Marker Reef)

    Toppino's Reef (#1 Marker Reef)

    20 - 25 ft.

    Located in just 25 feet of water, this is among the prettiest shallow reef areas off of Key West.

  • USS Curb

    USS Curb

    120 - 185 ft.

    Located one mile south of the Cayman Salvager, this 300-foot naval salvaging tug is an artificial reef site in 185 feet of water.

  • USS Wilkes-Barre

    USS Wilkes-Barre

    210 - 320 ft.

    The USS Wilkes-Barre is by far the largest ship to be reefed in the Florida Keys, even bigger than the Spiegel Grove. For the technically qualified diver, the USS Wilkes-Barre offers an exciting adventure.