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Alexander's Wreck

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Average Rating: 3.75
Average Depth: 25 ft.
Max Depth: 40 ft.

    The wreck known as "Alexander's Wreck" was originally the US Navy destroyer escort "USS Amesbury." The remains of this steel-hull US Naval vessel now lie in 25 feet of water five miles west of Key West. This vessel was a decommissioned U.S. Navy ship being towed by Chet Alexander Marine Salvage of Key West to a deep water location to be sunk as an artificial reef. While in route, she grounded, and before she could be re-floated, a storm broke up her hull.

    The vessel is broken in half. There is a 150-yard gap between the bow and the stern due to a hurricane in the early 1960s. Some of the deck guns are still visible. Alexander was a 300-foot destroyer escort that was purchased from the Navy to form an artificial reef. Divers occasionally will find military artifacts at this site.

    The hull of the ship is covered with oysters and corals. The debris left by the ship is a great home for sea life. The area is known for its population of protected Jewfish. Although this species was endangered for 10 years, this site, along with a few others in South Florida is helping to increase the population of this rare species. Hogfish, angelfish, groupers, porkfish, sheepshead, snappers, and spadefish are commonly seen at this site. Divers should note that the stern of this boat is often awash and therefore can be hit by boats. As a result, many jagged metal pieces are on the stern and can be dangerous to divers.

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    Degrees 24.6161666666667 -81.9818333333333

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