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Toppino's Reef (#1 Marker Reef)

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4
Average Depth: 20 ft.
Max Depth: 25 ft.

    Located in 25 feet of water, this is among the prettiest shallow reef areas off of Key West. This reef is located 4.5 miles south of Boca Chica Channel and contains a remarkable feature: fifteen large coral fingers that extend towards the sea. This is a beautiful dive for those in search of a shallow reef and will prove to be a location to remember.

    The site is known as both "#1 Marker Reef" and "Toppino's Reef". The reef system has three mooring buyos along the finger channels.

    Waypoint: TOPPIN Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 24.4738333333333 -81.7161666666667

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