Marathon Dive Spots

  • Adolphus Busch

    Adolphus Busch

    85 - 110 ft.

    The Adolphus Busch was intentionally sunk in 1998 to create an artificial reef system. She sits intact and upright in 100-feet of water.

  • Coffins Patch

    Coffins Patch

    10 - 25 ft.

    This is a really nice shallow site with depths averaging 10-25 feet and lots of fish. This area is especially suited to snorkelers.

  • Delta Shoals

    Delta Shoals

    10 - 25 ft.

    The Delta Shoals are home to several wrecks, a vast network of coral canyons, and elkhorn, brain, and star coral heads.

  • Duck Key Wreck

    Duck Key Wreck

    25 - 25 ft.

    This area, also called the Boiler Patch, is home to the remnants of an steam-powered freighter which went down in 1889

  • East Washerwoman

    East Washerwoman

    10 - 20 ft.

    With depths from 10 - 20 feet, this is a good site for snorkeling.

  • Herman's Behind

    Herman's Behind

    15 - 65 ft.

    Herman's Behind is a nice middle-keys reef with shallow slopes, a small drop-off, living coral, and many numerous and diverse species of fish.

  • Herman's Hole

    Herman's Hole

    15 - 30 ft.

    Herman's Hole is a circular coral and limestone ridge that drops 20 feet to the sand in the center, and 30 feet to the sand around the outside.

  • HMS Looe

    HMS Looe

    20 - 25 ft.

    The HMS Looe ran aground and sank in what is now known as Looe Key Reef. Not much remains of the vessel other than some ballast stones and some copper plating that is thought to have come from the hull.

  • Ivory Wreck

    Ivory Wreck

    15 - 15 ft.

    One of the more interesting wrecks found on the Delta Shoals is The Ivory Wreck, an old slaver that ran aground in 1853.

  • Joanie's Reef

    Joanie's Reef

    10 - 25 ft.

    This is a great location for snorkeling, nurse shark sightings, and photography.

  • Looe Key Reef

    Looe Key Reef

    15 - 105 ft.

    One of the most beautiful reefs in the Florida Keys, Looe Key Reef has large fingers of living coral extending out to sea.

  • Sombrero Reef

    Sombrero Reef

    20 - 35 ft.

    The Sombrero Reef extends from the base of the Sombrero Key Lighthouse. This protected reef area is one of th emost spectacular in the Keys. The shallow depths allow divers of all skills to enjoy this dive spot.

  • The Gap

    The Gap

    55 - 80 ft.

    Starting at 50 feet and dropping to 80 feet, The Gap is a beautiful wall dive with large coral heads rising 10 to 15 feet on the ocean side.

  • The Horseshoe

    The Horseshoe

    15 - 25 ft.

    This reef gets its name from its curved horseshoe-like formation. This is an ideal spot for new divers, with depth ranging from 15 to 25 feet.

  • Thunderbolt


    85 - 120 ft.

    This 188-foot military ship is the jewel of the Marathon wreck fleet. Sunk intentionally as a dive attraction in March 1986, she now sits perfectly upright in 115 feet of water offering 45 feet of relief.