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Coffins Patch

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Average Rating: 4.5714
Average Depth: 10 ft.
Max Depth: 25 ft.

    Although there is no evidence of the ship or its loot, this location was named for a ship that sank carrying a cargo of coffins. This area is a series of reefs which are unmarked and therefore not heavily used. Depths range from 10 to 15 feet, making for some great snorkeling.

    The reef is located 3.5 miles southeast of Key Colony Beach and runs for 1.5 miles northeast and southwest. Although Coffins Patch is fairly close to shore, it has the characteristics of an offshore patch reef system. The reef includes rare pillar coral and other coral species unique to the Keys.

    The only marking for this area is a six-foot tall stake. Boats should anchor 50 yards east or west of this piling. 20-foot corals are commonly seen along with pillar corals. These protect the vast amount of sea life that inhabits these reefs. Schools of French grunts and mutton snapper as well as Spanish lobster and spiny lobster are a common sight at this location. Five species of angelfish also find this patch of reefs to be home. Nearby on the northeast side divers will find some of the largest brain corals that can be seen in the Keys. The Sanctuary Preservation Area (SPA) is about .4 square nautical miles and is rectangular. One well-known portion of this area is called the Donought. This is a circular location with a 100-yard diameter, which ranges in depth from 15 feet to 25 feet.

    This is a beautifully colorful dive filled with pelagic life. Fish will often follow divers awaiting an edible offering.

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    Degrees 24.685 -80.9641666666667

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