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Delta Shoals

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Average Rating: 4.6667
Average Depth: 10 ft.
Max Depth: 25 ft.

    The Delta Shoals are home to several wrecks, a vast network of coral canyons, and elkhorn, brain, and star coral heads. Here you'll find the remnants of the Ivory Wreck, so named for the up to six-foot long elephant tusks found aboard by divers. This shoal runs for half a mile, taking divers through areas where relics from the many sunken vessels can be found. East of Sombrero Light in 14 feet of water lies one of the wrecks which was carrying dry goods and furniture when it went aground in the sand and grass flats of these shoals. Two other ships were lost one mile east of Sombrero light during the 19th century. The dive ranges in depth from 6 to 25 feet and has large coral fingers as well as many soft corals. There is a large amount of sea life at this location. This is a great location for snorkeling as well as for scuba diving.

    Waypoint: DSHOAL Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 24.6296666666667 -81.0915

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