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Sombrero Reef

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.6
Average Depth: 20 ft.
Max Depth: 35 ft.

    Prior to the Civil War, the 142 foot Sombrero Key Lighthouse was constructed 8 miles offshore of Key Colony Beach. The innovative screw-pile lighthouse is still fully functional and in service. A gathering of 11 mooring buoys are located on the ocean side (south side) of the light. With a depth range of 5-35 feet, this spot is great for divers of all levels and snorklers too.

    Sombrero Reef is one of the largest and surely the most magnificent coral reefs in the Middle Keys, home to some of the best spur and groove reef formations in all the Keys. The amount of coral is breath-taking. As soon as you descend, gorgonians, brain, finger and lettuce corals can be seen. Schools of colorful tropicals, southern stingrays and nurse sharks make their home on this reef. Large barracuda hang out by the lighthouse structure. The coral limestone has an "Arch" which is large enough to swim through.

    The reef is a Sanctuary Preservation Area (SPA) and strictly regulated. Fishing as well as lobstering are strictly prohibited. Divers are reminded to look but not touch so that this spectacular reef will be preserved.

    Waypoint: SOMBRE Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 24.6253333333333 -81.1121666666667

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