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Jay Scutti Tug Artifical Reef Site

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.2
Average Depth: 60 ft.
Max Depth: 70 ft.

    At the center of this artificial reef is the Jay Scutti, a harbor tugboat purchased by Dale Scutti and donated to the Broward County's Artificial Reef Program in order to be sunk in memory of his son, Jay.

    This site is now a collection of several wrecks, combined forming a wonderful artificial reef in only 70 feet of water. The Jay Scutti tug lies at the center between the 45-foot Moonshot and the 95-foot sailboat Pride. The B.H. Lake, a 40-foot yacht lies in the same area 130 feet northeast of Jay Scutti. This wreck site contains several other vessels as well as other materials that were used to help in the formation of the artificial reef. A 132-foot oil rig, M/V Tracey, sits upright in 67 feet of water 100 feet north of Jay Scutti. A 90-foot freighter lies a bit further north and a pile of limestone boulders known as "Dog Pile" lies even further north. The site is only in 70 feet of water with the beginning of Jay Scutti's mast at 45 feet. This collection of wrecks and debris form a healthy habitat for reef formation and sea life.

    Waypoint: SCUTTI Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 26.1586666666667 -80.0793333333333

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