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Average Rating: 4
Average Depth: 90 ft.
Max Depth: 110 ft.

    This Dutch freighter was built in 1947 and named Cornelis. Her name changed several times beginning with when she was sold in 1981 and renamed Island Transported. She was later named St. Andrea but was confiscated for drug smuggling. At a federal auction, she was purchased by an environmentalist attorney who gave her over to the Broward County reef program. She was renamed Rebel after the buyer's dog and sunk to create an artificial reef in 1985.

    Today, this 150-foot freighter sits intact and upright in 110 feet of water with her bow pointing north. Her deck is located 80 feet down and her prop is in place. Divers will find that she is easily penetrated. She houses a variety of sea life and is a great dive for the curious or exploratory diver.

    Waypoint: REBEL Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 26.1708833333333 -80.0722

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