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Tenneco Towers

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Average Rating: 4.4444
Average Depth: 80 ft.
Max Depth: 110 ft.

    Tenneco Towers, the largest artificial reef in southeast Florida, was created in 1985 when the Tenneco Oil Company sank five large sections of oil production platforms. The decommissioned oil platforms were transported by barge and sunk in a straight east-west line, each a little deeper than the next.

    Three of the platforms are within recreational diving limits. The smallest of the three platforms rests at 97 feet of water and rises to 65 feet. The two larger platforms are in 110 feet of water and top out at 60 feet. The second platform lies about 100 yards from the first, and the third is about another 85 yards away. The two deep water sections lie in 190 feet of water and rise to 80 feet. When Hurricane Andrew stuck in August, 1992, it caused the two deep towers to list at close to a 45-degree angle.

    The flow of tides and currents that move freely through the site gave almost instant growth to a jungle of soft coral that has since covered the entire wreck. Many large pelagic fish can be found at the wreck along with queen angels, Spanish hogfish, and the occasional turtle.

    Waypoint: TENNCO Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 25.9821666666667 -80.0857

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