Jacksonville Dive Spots

  • Acosta Bridge Rubble

    Acosta Bridge Rubble

    65 - 75 ft.

    This artificial reef site consists of lots of concrete rubble from an old bridge, some culverts, an old wooden dock, and two barges.

  • Amberjack Hole

    Amberjack Hole

    75 - 85 ft.

    Amberjack Hole is one of the most alive and magnificent artificial reefs in the Jacksonville area. It includes reefs, ledges, a small tug, a barge, and rubble from a bridge.

  • Blackmar's Reef

    Blackmar's Reef

    95 - 110 ft.

    Blackmar's Reef is a natural reef area that has been enhanced with five shipwrecks and two airplanes. The ships and reefs house a variety of marine life. The planes are intact and make great pictures.

  • Clayton's Holler

    Clayton's Holler

    85 - 95 ft.

    Clayton Holler is an area of reefs and ledges that is very popular with divers in Jacksonville. It's a great place to explore and a good spot to hunt lobster.

  • Coppedge Tug

    Coppedge Tug

    50 - 80 ft.

    This tugboat was sunk in 1988 and settled upright and intact on the bottom. The pilothouse is filled with schools of fish. The tug is a favorite of photographers.

  • East Fourteen/Gator Bowl

    East Fourteen/Gator Bowl

    65 - 85 ft.

    This area contains over a dozen reefs including �Red Rock Reef� and �Y-Ledge.� The most popular portion of this area is the �Gator Bowl Press Boxes" which were sunk when the old stadium was torn down.

  • Freighter Anna Artificial Reef

    Freighter Anna Artificial Reef

    90 - 110 ft.

    The Anna, a 225-foot freighter, was reefed in 1986 off the coast of Jacksonville. She lies on her starboard side in 110 feet of water.

  • Hudgins


    90 - 105 ft.

    The freighter, Hudgins, was sunk in 1987 as part of the Artificial Reef Program. She is intact and upright and houses a large variety of fish.

  • Middle Ground

    Middle Ground

    75 - 85 ft.

    Middle Ground contains a steel tug and the experimental "Japanese Reef" which is a pyramid of fiberglass tubes that have draw a variety of marine life to the area.

  • Montgomery's Reef

    Montgomery's Reef

    50 - 65 ft.

    The reef area consists of over one dozen shipwrecks including a 120-foot barge and an upside-down barge. It's popular with spearfishermen, as well as those who like to observe tropical fish.

  • Nine Mile Reef

    Nine Mile Reef

    70 - 75 ft.

    Nine Mile Reef is popular for wreck-diving. There are barges, a steamer tug, and a fishing boat among the corals.

  • Paul Main's Reef

    Paul Main's Reef

    75 - 90 ft.

    This is an area of small reefs and several wrecks. One tug is upright next to a barge and is a favorite spot for underwater photographers.

  • Rabbit's Lair

    Rabbit's Lair

    60 - 70 ft.

    The Rabbit's Lair is an area with several long stretches of ledges and three wrecks nearby.