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Acosta Bridge Rubble

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4.8571
Average Depth: 65 ft.
Max Depth: 75 ft.

    The Acosta Bridge once spanned the St. Johns River, but now lies 75 feet underwater, 12.4 nautical miles from the Mayport Jetties. Six barges were used to transport the concrete rubble that was placed off shore in 1992 to form an artificial reef. Two barges and culverts are also at this location along with a 150 by 80 foot wooden dry dock, which is merely a stack of pipes.

    Much of the bridge debris lies within a quarter mile area so large portions can be explored in a single dive. This site is also referred to as Busey's Bonanza.

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    Waypoint: ACOSTA Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 30.4270333333333 -81.1421666666667

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