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Coppedge Tug

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 4
Average Depth: 50 ft.
Max Depth: 80 ft.

    This 103-foot tug was sunk in 1988 and remains intact and upright. The artificial reef now draws an impressive amount of sea life. The schools of baitfish are so dense that it is often hard to see the wreck upon first arrival.

    The tug rests in 80 feet of water. The pilothouse can be seen roughly 50-feet down. Culverts and pillboxes also line the area. In spite of the depth and its location 20 miles from shore, this is not a particularly difficult dive. Grouper, snapper, and large amberjack are commonly seen here. This is a great location for photography.

    Waypoint: COPTUG Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 30.28935 -80.9647833333333

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