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Atlantis Memorial Reef

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Average Rating: 4.2143
Average Depth: 40 ft.
Max Depth: 50 ft.

    January 2006, Miami, FL - NOTE: This reef does not yet exist.

    The Atlantis Reef Project is building a man-made reef off the coast of Miami, Florida (3.25 miles east of Key Biscayne) in the image of The Lost City of Atlantis. Atlantis will be the largest man-made reef ever built, covering more than 600,000 square feet of ocean floor and using 10,000 cubic yards of cement. The completed site will have a diameter of over 900 feet, making this a multi-tank dive!

    After three years of design and engineering efforts, the re-creation of the Lost City of Atlantis will soon become reality. The project team received final approval and permits in December 2005, and construction of the reef will begin January 2006.

    The site is being billed as the first underwater theme park in the world. Designed as an artificial reef, with concrete statues, columns, domes and arches, the mythical city of Atlantis is scheduled to be built in the SW corner of the Key Biscayne Special Management Zone - a little less than 5 miles southeast of Government Cut.

    Besides being a great SCUBA diving location, the reef will serve as a memorial for the dearly departed. Cremated remains will be deployed in most of the columns, domes, and other structure.

    For more information, visit:
    Atlantis Road (Bimini)

    Waypoint: ATLNTS Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 25.6995833333333 -80.09

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