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Bache Shoal

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 3.4286
Average Depth: 10 ft.
Max Depth: 15 ft.

    A popular shallow patch reef just east of Sands Cut and Elliott Key. The reef is marked by 3 mooring buoys and is no more than 15 feet deep. Many of the boulder and brain corals are no more than 5 feet below the surface. Plenty of reef fish inhabit this area. This is a wonderful snorkeling location for the kids.

    Getting there can be tricky if you're heading east through Sands Cut. The east side of the channel gets very shallow -- 2' to 4' depending on the tides. If you're heading through the channel, you may want to wait for high tide, or approach from the ocean side of Elliott Key. The reef is approximately 1 mile east of the channel.

    Waypoint: BACHE Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 25.4858333333333 -80.16565

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