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Average Rating: 5
Average Depth: 65 ft.
Max Depth: 82 ft.

    Built in the early 1940s and originally named Christina, this U.S. Navy steel tug was purchased by the Department of Environmental Resources and prepared for sinking in 1990. The engines, portholes and hatches were removed and on October 27th, the tugboat, Captain Donald, began to tow C-One to its designated site. Waves swamped the Captain Donald which subsequently sunk. The Captain Donald was later raised and C-One was finally sunk in it�s current location on November 8, 1990.

    This intermediate-level dive has been called "spooky" by many divers. The 120-foot tug lies on a sandy bottom, tilting slightly to starboard. Hundreds of fish, including many barracuda, can be found in and around C-One. With the portholes and hatches removed, divers can enter the wreck to explore. Ocean currents have created a hole mid-ship which drops to 82 feet.

    Waypoint: CONE Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 25.9091666666667 -80.0900666666667

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