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Average Rating: 4.3333
Average Depth: 68 ft.
Max Depth: 68 ft.

    While anchored off Miami Beach in February of 1991, this Honduran freighter was pummeled by heavy winds and rough seas until it broke anchor and ran aground just offshore of South Beach. After months of court battles, and rigorous cleaning to the tune of over $300,000, the ship was seized by the U.S. government and offered for sale. Eventually the Dade County Artificial Reef Program purchased the ship and Concepcion was sunk in June 1991 near the center of the Sunny Isles Artificial Reef Site north of Haulover Inlet.

    The 165-foot ship sits in 68-feet of water. The cargo area has collapsed and Hurricane Andrew broke off the stern which now lies approximately 40 feet north of the main hull. The wreck attracts numerous fish, especially in the mornings and late afternoons. Profile ranges form 5-10 feet. The Concepcion is only about 100 feet northeast of C-One, making the two wrecks a great two-tank dive trip.

    Waypoint: CONCEP Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 25.9093666666667 -80.08995

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