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Doc DeMilly Memorial Reef

Fast Facts

Average Rating: 5
Average Depth: 70 ft.
Max Depth: 140 ft.

    This 287-foot steel freighter is located 150 feet down underwater and just � mile east of the Pacific Reef Lighthouse. This vessel was built in 1949 and renamed for a local veterinarian and pioneer before it was sunk in 1986.

    The interesting thing about this sinking is that it was done by the Air Force. They staged an attack on this ship to simulate what may have occurred in war, dropping concrete bombs with remote-controlled charges.

    The ship remains intact and managed to avoid damage in 1992 during Hurricane Andrew. It takes multiple dives to explore all that this wreck offers. Jewfish are a common sight here and share the area with a variety of sea life.

    Waypoint: DEMILL Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 25.3678 -80.1310166666667

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