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Average Rating: 4.25
Average Depth: 115 ft.
Max Depth: 125 ft.

    The Narwal is a 137-foot steel freighter that was sunk in 1986 in the Haulover Artificial Reef Site. This wreck is just two miles out from the Haulover Inlet and has more than 10 ships/artificial reefs in close proximity. Despite being broken in half by Hurricane Andrew, the Narwal is still upright and has an intact rudder and prop. The hull compartments are accessible through holes that were cut into the bulkheads. The profile is approximately 20-25 feet.

    This wreck is rarely visited by dive charters and fishermen, so it is an excellent dive that is not crowded. The currents can be strong.

    Waypoint: NARWAL Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 25.9106 -80.08425

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