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Average Rating: 4.1667
Average Depth: 75 ft.
Max Depth: 95 ft.

    This ship was used during the widening of the Panama Canal in Central America. The vessel's engines were converted from electric to diesel to be used as a floating mechanic school. However, funding decreased and the boat went unused for 5 years until the State of Florida seized it and absorbed this ship into the artificial reef program. She was placed in 125 feet of water but shifted to 95 feet with the pressure of the anchor pulling her along. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew brought destruction to this vessel, tearing off the pilot house which landed in the sand next to the ship still intact. The pilot house often contains schools of bait fish. Grouper are also a common sight at this location. The Gulf Stream runs near this wreck often bringing strong currents.

    Waypoint: ORION Latitude Longitude
    Degrees 25.691 -80.0863333333333

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